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INJX BY NAT POLICY REQUIRES Before and after photos of the treatment area(s) to be taken and uploaded into patient charts. This protocol is implemented for clinical documentation and charting purposes to accurately track the progress of patient treatments.

Before initiating any procedure, the designated staff member will capture high-quality photos of the treatment area(s). Following the completion of the procedure, another set of photos will be taken to document the immediate outcomes.

These photographs serve as crucial evidence for clinical evaluation, treatment planning, and monitoring patient progress over time. They are securely stored within the patient's medical chart for reference during subsequent appointments and for legal documentation if required.

It is important to note that patient confidentiality is of utmost priority. Therefore, these photos will only be used for clinical purposes unless explicit consent is obtained from the patient. Photos will only be posted on social media platforms or shared externally with the patient's consent.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all patients in adhering to this policy, which helps maintain the highest standards of clinical care and documentation integrity.

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